Artist Muse Presents “Intercultural” by Sheneina Raj with Sound Art by Nelly Furtado



by Contemporary Fine Artist
Sheinina Lolita Raj 
with Sound Art by Nelly Furtado

ARTIST MUSE Presents INTERCULTURAL at:  ETRA FINE ART GALLERY, 2315 NW 2nd Avenue, Wynwood Arts District, Miami. Florida 

Contact: William Phearson
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This will be a unique ‘first of it’s kind’ installation of Intercultural which will immerse Miami Art Basel Week attendants in an environment that engages them visually and acoustically.  Stimulating the mind through multiple senses will deepen the relationship between the viewer and the art.   The intercultural art collection raises awareness to the many nationalities living in modern day society by enlightening ideologies while initiating a common respect to all humanity and ultimately a peaceful coexistence.  The Intercultural art collection honors diversity while bringing attention to how different yet the same we are.

The sixteen countries represented in the Contemporary Fine Art Collection will be hung with a SOUNDWALL installed behind that will emanate a themed music composition written and produced by Nelly Furtado.  Each of the compositions will synchronize to create a unifying sound experience.  As the attendee makes their way from each art piece, they will hear a composition inspired by the culture as it references native instruments and traditional singing.  When the attended stands in the center they will hear the music as one song. The Intercultural exhibition will unite attendees as they will have shared a profound cultural experience through a language that is universally understood.   Nelly Furtado  has sold over 40 million records worldwide, making her one of the most successful Canadian artists.  Furtado has won several awards throughout her career including; one GrammyAward from seven nominations, one Latin Grammy Award, ten Juno Awards, one BRIT Award, one Billboard Music Award, one MTV Europe Music Award, one World Music Award.

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During Miami Art Basel Week 2016 The Intercultural exhibition will be featured at:
ETRA Fine Art Gallery at 2315 NW 2nd Avenue,
Wynwood Arts District, Miami. Florida.

Sheinina Lolita Raj


The journey that lead to the creation of “Intercultural” began long before my time. In 1891 during the British Raj era my great great grandmother a young girl of six years old played on the beach in Goa, India. A British soldier approached her and offered candy, which she accepted as a kind gesture. He then offered her more although gestured that she must follow him as there was a stash of candy to be had on his ship. Lured by the sweetness, innocently she followed him. Once on board the soldier lead her into a shipping crate where he sealed the entrance and trapped her. She lived in this crate for a month sailing along the oceanic route from the west coast of India to the South Pacific Island of Fiji. Anchored in the Port of Lautoka she was taken to a sugar cane plantation where she continued life as a slave. There she met my great great grandfather a nine year old boy also a child slave who had been kidnapped from India. Generations had passed on the colonized island of Fiji when in 1963 my father a young boy and grandmother were officially recognized as British subjects when they boarded the Southern Cross bound for Great Britain. Landing at the infamous London Docks they were not welcomed by all in the motherland. As you may imagine racism was prevalent in London during this period. My father was beaten often by skinheads who disapproved of his settlement.

Despite a lineage of deplorable relation my father fell in love with an English woman. Therein lay the genes that spawned my life in the country known to modern man as the United Kingdom. My name is Sheinina Lolita Raj, a person who was born from distinctively diverse ancestors, culturally, religiously, linguistically and physically. Racially speaking I am half Indian and half English. I do however consider myself Canadian. Believing in the promised land of Canada my parents immigrated to Vancouver when I was five years old, hopeful that I would enjoy a peaceful life free of prejudices. We said farewell to loved ones for good. Although, the truth is you cannot run from racism. As a child I remember tearfully expressing to my father how I did not want to be brown as children would often tease. While I have grown to appreciate the tonality of my skin, in this era of cultural assimilation my identity continues to be misunderstood.

Mankind has evolved to visually interpret their environment, a survival instinct ensures individuals are categorized. When the color of my skin presents an unfamiliar reference, inevitably a barrier of discriminative notions are formed. In honor of cultural diversity, “Intercultural” reflects just how different yet the same we are. Adorned in the worldly traditional regalia of India, Pakistan, Spain, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Portugal, Armenia, Mexico, Native America, Hawaii, Morocco, Iran, Japan, Thailand, and North America, the collection selfportraiture unifies authentic heritage. As cultures around the world collide this art could not come at more precarious time. Raising global awareness to the many nationalities living in modern day societies, “Intercultural” enlightens ideologies while initiating a common respect for all humanity and ultimately a peaceful coexistence.

This brings me to the relevance of art and the responsibility of an artist. Historically the art has served as a vision of ideals, beliefs and cultural identity. Artists have been revered for their perception and the integral voice expressed within a mastered discipline that engages society while inspiring communication in a language that is universally understood. As migrants continue to assimilate in the New World genealogical evolution is inevitable. North American Woman is noticeably ambiguous with her lightly toned skin color, long dark hair and deep brown eyes. The face of reason that brings awareness to the various possibilities of ethnic identity. North American Woman presents a new era where we are one as the human race.

Noise Alchemy is the studio of recording engineer, Brad Haehnel. Located on sunny Hollywood Blvd.between Vine and Highland, the studio welcomes professional musicians, cool cats and wack-jobs.Founded through a fun collaborative music club — Brad Haehnel’s Magic Mondays — Noise Alchemyhas evolved from a group of friends making music in a studio on a Monday into a full-fledged companylooking to make music with interesting characters. The studio is outfitted with a multiplicity of gear and functions enabling mixing in 5.1 for major motion pictures and small band recording as well. Noise Alchemy functionally serves as a diverse recording space that can change at the drop of a hat.

Soundwall is new technology designed using Distributed Mode Loading (DML). The entire surface of the artwork resonates, generating a sound that is more natural and uniform, so there is no sweet spot. Instead, you experience great sound no matter where you are in the room. Behind the High Definition Aluminum print is a motion sensor that reacts to movement that will trigger designated music to play. Each piece is designed to have volume control. The smart technology features allow the owner to access controls such as volume and motion from their smart device via an app. The app provides additional information about the art piece and will receive updates provided by the artist and gallery.