Caron Bowman of Street Art Revolution (The Kaleidoscope Project)

cbowman_kaleidoscope1Caron Bowman’s art work fuses influences from African cubism, graffiti, street art and inspiration from Huichol Indian colorist techniques of “alternating strong and soft colors to achieve the effects of complementary opposition and to create dynamic balance”.   Ms. Bowman is a multi-disciplinary artist from West Palm Beach Florida of Afro-Honduran descent, whose biography describes her work as employing various mediums including, “drawing, painting and fiber media”. 

(Left: The Kaleidoscope Project by Street Art Revolution)

NRM_kaleidoscope_fence1Caron comments in her biography the following:  “My personal quest is to create art with a spirit, moreover, transforming two dimensional materials into spiritual substance. My goal is to continue to use the vocabulary of color in order to speak visually in different languages creating a relationship between the un-conscious and conscious mind via abstraction and symbolism.”  Elements including faces, shapes and signs with ingredients from graffiti and street art create Bowman’s pictographic style and even bring to mind artists like Keith Haring and Joan Miró.  Caron’s fiber art includes embroidery, quilts and textiles.

Bowman a member of Street Art Revolution, a collective of West Palm Beach artists, creates murals — public and street art in South Florida.   The group recently did a brightly colored installation of seat belt material woven onto a fence that surrounded a square in Northwood Village — the Kaleidoscope on the Square Project which Street Art Revolution states, represents “the energy, spirit, and creativity of the community”. We met with Caron Bowman in 2017 to learn more about this project which she formulated with artists, Eduardo Mendieta (Edo) and Dahlia Perryman.  

Caron Bowman’s work has been featured by such companies and organizations as, American Latino Museum, Armory Art Center, The ARC of Palm Beach County, Beck’s Corporation, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series and Kendrick Lamar in association with Creative Allies at Galapagos Arts Space (NYC) among others.  Street Art Revolutionwill discuss their work at The Norton Museum during Art After Dark, July 6, 2017 at 6:30 PM ..

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