NRM PERKULATOR™ Discussions and Performances


nonradioMusic™ (NRM) produces exhibition, discussion and performance — programming that reflects the face of the new arts and culture movement. NRM shapes content for an intimate group of influencers and helps to build bridges to mass audiences. (Above – right: AA Art Perspective Free Range Art Show™ Fine Art in Palm Court Event Space, Miami Design District, October, 2016)


NRM EXHIBITIONS™GROWING BEYOND COLOR AND CULTURE . . .   The NRM brand, Do YOU Basel ? (Miami), is moving beyond color, culture and national origins. DYB Miami introduces a broad range of work from various artists and disciplines that appeal to the arts community and transcends the global arts market. (Above – right: fine art, photography and works on paper at Palm Court Event Space and The Melin Building in Miami Design District, October, 2016)


NRM PERKULATOR™ provides the right atmosphere to convey concepts and ideas for branding products and services through shared experiences. NRM PERKULATOR™creates a relaxed environment where we feature multimedia content (art videos, digital media, screenings), performances and conversations.  (Above – right: digital art, multimedia and performance at the Melin Building, Miami, Design District, October, 2016)


NRM PERKULATOR™ crafts inclusive performances, that blend genres and disciplines including literary arts, spoken word, music (blues, dance, folk, latin, jazz, world, experimental and improvisational styles), featuring local and national talent. (Above – right: guitarist, Vernon Reid in SUITE 200 of the Melin Building, Miami Design District, October, 2016)




NRM PERKULATOR™ Discussions (we like our conversation as hot as our coffee). We moderate conversations with artists, enthusiasts, professionals and scholars on the future of art, culture and science with historical analysis to formulate the basis of new thoughts and creative ideas. (Above – right: discussion with Art Historian, Frank Martin in SUITE 200 of the Melin Building, Miami Design District, October, 2016)




NRM PERKULATOR™ Discussion and Performances

  • digital exhibition (with reception and light refreshments)
  • free range music™ performances with guest musicians
  • multimedia content (video programming) — art videos, screenings, VJ-ing
  • discussion groups with artists, enthusiasts and scholars

Do YOU Basel?™ on Facebook — highlighting emerging and established visual artists with 25K + Likes / Reach 40K / Post Engagements 25K

NRM PERKULATOR™ Discussions and Performances  
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